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(press release distribution) Nashville Tennessee: Beck’s Health and Consultants (BHSC) is proud to announce that it recently received a $500,000 grant from a former client and cancer survivor with whom the company consulted about ways to fight cancer at home. BHSC provides its clients with concrete information on what they can do to fight cancer at home in conjunction with medical treatment. BHSC conducts phone consultations with clients, so they never have to leave their homes. The company provides information about nutrition and detoxification and encourages clients to integrate these components with the treatments they receive from their physicians. The information provided by BHSC is not meant to replace a doctor’s advice use this information along with your doctor’s advice and treatments. Visit for more information along with how this grant is to be use to help the general public.

BHSC will use the cancer grant in many ways: 1 to help more people get the consultations for cancer by reducing the consultation charges, 2. help spread the word through a cancer CD with the 13 principles to fight cancer through mail order. 3. help people get help when need it (Thomas who was sent home from hospital because of no money got some help from BHSC and his cancer was gone, diabetes better and heart problem better, all for no charge to him.) 4 Help sponsor public events to raise more money to perpetuate the ability to help people who can’t afford it.

Jeff Beck, the founder of BHSC, spent 13 years conducting research on cancer and has helped many cancer patients as they underwent medical treatment. he has shared his 13 Principles of Health with countless people who are looking to improve their health or who are dealing with cancer. as a researcher and health educator, Jeff has seen people enjoy positive results when they apply these 13 Principles of Health to address a variety of health and medical conditions. his approach has helped people with brain cancer (a 14-year survival story), liver cancer a nine-year survival story), lung cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. For more information on the 13 principles visit this website page for the cancer grant an click on the 13 principles to fight cancer link. Many people use this helpful information to reduce their risk of getting cancer. Visit

Jeff is quick to note, “I am not a doctor. This information is not intended to replace medical advice. I’m not diagnosing, prescribing or curing any illness. I’m simply offering information related to health education and cancer education. “

Marian Williams is using information to help with her MS. Thomas was dealing with cancer and diabetes as well as heart problems. he implemented all the information and suggestions that were shared with him during his BHSC phone consultation and saw a positive change in his body in three days. Bonnie saw a drastic change in her liver cancer in only four weeks. She is now a nine-year liver cancer survivor.

Dr. Julian Whitaker is the author of the newsletter, Health & Healing. in the November 1995 issue, he wrote an article titled, “what I would do if I had Cancer.” in that article he states that if he had cancer, he would personally follow a regimen that included changing his diet. he would also clean the toxins from his body.

In fact, one of the key principles of the BHSC consultation is for clients to change their diet so they can enjoy good nutrition. CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention list poor nutrition as one of the 4 common causes of chronic diseases. BHSC even recommends that clients take supplements to provide important nutritional support for their bodies.

In a report on nutrition and health Charles. Everett Koop, M.D., Sc.D., former Surgeon General of the United States, notes that dietary excess and imbalance contribute to an increase in the eight leading killer diseases (heart disease, 616,067 deaths: cancer 562,875 deaths: stroke 135,706, Alzheimer’s 74,632: Diabetes 71,382:, Influenza and Pneumonia 52,717: Kidney problems, 46,448 resource is Center for Disease Control and Prevention.) in our country.

Dr. Lamont Murdoch Loma Linda University Medical Center Internal Medicine stated it succinctly when he said, “Faulty genetics loads the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger.” The BHSC consultation provides clients with suggestions for lifestyle changes that will help set them on the road to better health. BHSC also emphasizes the importance of cleansing the body of all the toxins and parasites. “Clean up the toxins in your body,” says H. Robert Silverstein, M.D. his experience is as follows: Department of Medicine St Francis Hospital, Department of Medicine Harford Hospital, Medical Director of the Preventive Medicine Center. Here is a very informative video of Doctor Silverstein with some straight talk about our American menu. shares a detox or cleansing product that helps to cleanse the body of toxins and purify the blood. It is the core idea behind the 13 practical principles for your road to better health and combating any health issues. The product has been name UL DE Tea due to the fact that is the ULTIMATE Detoxifier. This tea has a long history with a new recipe to help make it even better and nothing goes into the trash so you get about 5 times more potent effect when you use the tea or the pills. This tea won’t work for everyone however; so Jeff tells the folks to, “just try it and see how it will work for you”. go to the grant page and click on the tea page so you will see the ingredients and how they help you by detoxing your body and purifying your blood.

In over 50 years of practice Dr. Henry Bieler (recognized as a pioneer in alternative medicine due to success of the 50 years of practice using proper nutrition and helping the body to heal itself) has proven that high levels of toxicity in the body is the root cause of the most common human diseases and ailments, including everything from allergies to cancers. BHSC provides its clients with concrete principles they can use to improve their lifestyle and cleanse the body of toxins, parasites, and heavy metals.

For a BHSC consultation about health issues, living a healthy lifestyle, or dealing and living with cancer. You don’t have to settle for disease when you could choose healthy. You may contact Jeff Beck, the health educator, send a text message to 615-319-4139. or you may call his Office Phone 615-799-0994 Visit The one question that remains is: “What is the best investment you could make besides your health.” Use the doctors treatments along with these natural Practical Principles to health and be amazed.

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