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Acai Berry & Max Colon Clease?

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Has anyone had any success with Acai Berry & Max Colon Cleanse. this is in addition to our exercise we are doing daily. Just wondering. I have researched some pages, but dang everything seems to be false these days. Just wondering.

I followed the program as suggested and the only thing I got was a case of diarrhea. I didn't lose a pound and felt no different other than the aforementioned problem. The only thing I got was put on an expensive automatic shipment program that had to be cancelled before I even recieved the first shipment if I didn't want automatic shipments to happen.

There is a grate E-Book that really helped me find the right program for me it's free check it out.

Colon Cleanse is better than Acai Berry.
You may take free trial before buy some.

Acai Berry & Max Colon Clease?

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