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Are all colon cleanse work the same?

 Are all colon cleanse work the same?

I want to do a colon cleanse and I wanted to know do you think colon cleanse all work just the same? I know they have super colon cleanse you think thats even better?

All stake the same claims. however, they are not the same as it pertains to effectiveness. they are suppose to breakup the undigested material still in the colon.

Laxatives are only a short term elimination process. most believe that just because the eliminate from the laxative that they are achieving success. this is not the case. there will be a period of physical and mental drainage because of the detoxification effect.

Once you go this that phase you should be feeling lighter and clear minded.

The reason doctors don't find a lot of junk in your colon when they do a colonoscopy is because they make you do a STRONG colon cleanse the night before they look at you. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to see the tissues properly which is why you have it done in the first place.

There is a lot of opinion that colon cleanses aren't really useful. they have been around for thousands of years and have fallen in and out of favor with the medical community several times. you can either do an enema or take pills. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Check below to see more info.

Colon cleanes are BS. no matter what you read on the internet, there is no use to them.

Show any MEDICAL source that says otherwise. when doctors do autopsies on people they don't find 20 lbs of stuff in their colon. when doctors do colonoscopies to check for problems they don't find it full of crap (and that is a VERY routine procedure).

The idea that you have a whole lot of stuff in your colon that needs removal is false.

save your money! keep you colon healthy with fiber. some folks use cinnamon as a cleanser that is cheap. cinnamon will not stimulate the bowels but will cleanse the colon wall along with other actions, such as, cleansing skin, reducing blood pressure/cholesterol, stomach ailments. etc. so many i can't name.

cost about 5 buck for 500 at walmart.

No they are not all the same.
while I'm sure there is a time and place for a colon cleanse somewhere. I prefer the nutritional cleanse that leaves you healthier.

Hi Sara, I think colonic irrigation is far better than all those chemicals.

Are all colon cleanse work the same?

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