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Can I ask any effective colon cleansing kit? or any internal detoxifier?

1311685480 35 Can I ask any effective colon cleansing kit? or any internal detoxifier?

I am in search of products in the market that I can buy that will detox my internal organs. Those that cleanses it or purify it back to its original health. other than Blessed Herbs that is… since it's 4,476pesos here in the Philippines… And other ways of detoxifying the body internally… Aside from juice fasting which i don't understand so much. Please provide me some effective experienced products that you may suggest and experienced or tried… thank you.

Try bananas and blueberry's.

Aloe Vera Juice drink is perhaps one of the best for colon cleansing. but don't drink this if pregnant. another good one is Psyllium husk. I would also recommend taking a probiotic such as acidophilus. other colon cleansing herbs include dandelion, burdock and goldenseal. Milk thistle is great for liver cleansing.

An article on aloe vera:…

Here is an article on colon cleansing that might be worth reading:…

Actually you can get good products that can help you, I actually do a whole body detox twice a year and you feel much better once you are done.

GNC has a great product called full body detox, and is from their own brand it cost about 40 bucks, but is well worth it. It cleans:
Colon, kidneys, blood digestive tracks, and other parts. just try it you wont be sorry.

You check it out on the internet sir. It made me sick to my stomach trying to help.

There are several products on the market….most popular brands are very expensive ( and Blessed Herbs are examples of the better known ones), but you can find other things at healthfood stores – most 'kits' consist of a fiber, probiotics, parasite pills, and a laxative for colon cleanse … then you can add in specific products for liver/kidney flush…the most important thing is water (lots of it). I did Dr Natura with great results but later learned about more inexpensive ways that provide results as well.

Lemonate fasting is the one I stick to now, I don't do a 10 day thing like most people do, I ust do it one day per week each week. I will probably do a 10 day cleanse once every year though (I only got through Dr Natura a couple of months ago).

Lemonate fast has two components, a nourishing cleanse (water,lemon,maple syrup, cayenne) and a laxative component (water, epson or sea salt).

I add in the probiotics and also do a liver cleanse with castor oil patches … I upped my water intake too so I am drinking at least 2 more glasses per day than the 'recommended' for my body weight.

You can read more info on the lemonade one and DrNatura in the links:…

This company makes a whole body cleanse, which will work to cleanse your Lungs, Liver, Skin, Kidneys, Colon, Lymph, and Blood. Much more gentle than other products I've tried, no harsh laxatives(which most cleanses are packed with). Because there are no harsh laxatives, it's important to watch your fiber intake and supplement it if necessary, in order to help the herbs in the product work. they also have very informative books about cleansing, that recommend different supplements for various digestive disorders. I trust them because the books are not a direct sell. Everything they recommend happens to be in the products, but the books never directly endorse their products.

I'm using a product made by a U.S. company – the world's leader in nutritional cleansing. The other comment by the R.N. is true – the body is the miracle – it does the cleansing work. This product provides the proper environment for the body to do its job effectively, with all the live enzymes, the ionic trace minerals, aloe vera, herbs, etc. My source is my "cleansing coach." PS: Do you have a friend in Hong Kong – it can be shipped from there.

Castor Oil Cleansing works the best for me. I take four ounces (I know the article says two but four works better) early in the morning and it really works well. Cleans the gallbladder and bile duct too!!! see Sources for explicit details. I usually follow this with a warm water enema or two (Sometimes Coffee enema) I use a fairly easy to obtain Fleet Bag enema it holds 1500ML of water, add a teaspoon of table salt to each one to cut down on absorption. Start out in the knee chest position and then the left side position. from there go to where it is most comfortable. try to take in the whole 1500ML and hold it for 10 to 15 minutes. When doing the cleansing be sure to drink at least 8 to 10 ounces of water an hour to stay hydrated and to eat yogurt when you are done. The yogurt puts a good flora in your bowel and is good to add to your diet. I do this once a month and have for years. It has made me far healthier!! good Luck and good Health.

Try looking online for colonix. they have a gallery of nasty pictures of stuff that got flushed out of people's colons after using it, its pretty convincing

You can purchase Bioxy powder from the Wolfe Clinic (search for website) which is a very fast acting NATURAL colon cleanse and it DOES work. You should consider a diet which won't block it up, like eating HEAPS of fruits and veggies and drinking HEAPS good quality water rather than tap water. No point in doing this unless you follow up with a parasite cleanse and rather than buying heaps of pills to do so, a naturopath will mix this up in 2 mins for you. Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood (Artemesia) and common cloves.

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I've tried Dr. Natura's Colonix system, and I felt that it really worked for me. My stomach became flatter, I was much more regular, and I felt like I had more energy. I never saw any worms or parasites leave my body.

I never saw anything like those pictures on but I do feel it was worth it. It did clean me out and made it easier for me to become regular. Don't just look at the actually product sites, try searching for blog that share their colon cleaning experiences. I found this site to be helpful in my decision.…

Good luck!

Eat mini wheats — this cereal should really be called "colon blow."

I have used the colon cleanse found at and was very happy with the results! Nothing really happend during the first 4 or 5 days and I was kind of disappointed and ready to quit – but then WOW! I increased the tablets that come with the kit from 2 to 3 – twice per day and boy did I ever notice a difference! I didn't find any scary parasites (although I really didn't look that hard – yuk!) but I did find stuff that looked like it could have been egg sacks. Also, it didn't make me feel like I had to run to the potty or even stay close to one – which I was worried about. And no cramping either. It just made me go more in volume when I had to go – also I use to go only once or twice per week and now I go at least once or twice per day. Anyway, if you're looking for a good colon cleanse I recommend the one I used at – it's also a great informational site on colon cleansing.

Can I ask any effective colon cleansing kit? or any internal detoxifier?

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