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 Detox Diet Warnings   Body CareA surprising statistic shows that many women are losing weight on the Detox Diet plan. so, exactly what is the Detox Diet plan and is it a healthy plan to follow? The Detox Diet has been around for quite a long time and continues to gain many new fans. Followers of the weight loss plan report that they were attracted to the diet because the diet plan was a way to get healthy, remove toxins out of the body, and lose weight. The diet typically last several days to about a month. Large quantities of liquids are consumed during the period along with colon cleansers to flush toxins out of the body. After following the Detox Diet many report feeling healthier and very energized. one popular Detox Diet is the Lemonade diet plan or Master Cleanse which is followed by a few famous celebrities. If you are thinking that this diet sounds almost too good to be true, you are right. According to some naysayers, the diet plan is definitely too good to be true. In fact, the Detox plan is too restrictive and might cause more harm than good.Detox Diet WarningsEvidence simply does not support the assumption that the Detox Diet is responsible for removing toxins out of the body. The colon works remarkably well alone without the help of colon cleansers removing waste and toxins out of a healthy body. In fact, many medical health experts warn that it is dangerous to use too many colon cleansers. Over use of colonics might lead to serious dehydration, nutritional deficiency along with other health problems. there is plenty of evidence supporting findings that following the Detox Diet might cause excess fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. In fact, the diet plan is too restrictive and causes the body to lose too many important vitamins and other important nutrients. Studies show that the weight lost on the diet is gained back by most in a short span of time.Extreme DietingIn conclusion, health experts report that while the Detox Diet is still gaining great popularity and media exposure around the globe the best approach to weight loss is simply following a diet plan that does not rely on extreme calorie restriction or depriving the body of important nutrients. Those thinking of starting any type of diet plan should consult a health care professional.Quote”Don’t compromise yourself. you are all you’ve got.”

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