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Does anyone have a homemade colon cleansing recipe?

 Does anyone have a homemade colon cleansing recipe?

There are so many specialty herbs and ingredients required to make a good one, I would suggest buying it.
A gentle cleanse is far from dangerous. I think the other folks are thinking of the cleanses thru the rectum. ugh
Drinking a special cleanse drink will stimulate the colon and purge all the yuck that builds up over time from all the crap we eat.
I do a cleanse twice a year and feel wonderful. more energy, better overall health.

Items you'll need:
Kitchen tap, glass.
Hold glass under tap, turn on tap to fill glass to desired level.
Cooking time:
Only required if you prefer 'hot water'.
Hold glass up to mouth and gently part lips. Tilt glass and slowly pour water into mouth, taking care to swollow. allow water to enter digestive system and disolve any impurities to pass out of anus.
Eight times daily should do it.

No, sorry I don't.

But a product called "Colon Cleanse" works great, and is not expensive.

Walgreens, Sav-On, CVS, as well as the health food places carry it.

It is alwalys recommended to do a colon cleanse at least every two months !!

Good Luck to you.

As an FYI, a few months ago I had to bring my boyfriend to the hospital for a cut on his head. There was a woman there who was bleeding from, oh yes, you guessed where because she had tried one of these.

I wouldn't recommend trying anything like this at home.

That is very dangerous. Most people who do that, have a problem,where they like it.

Does anyone have a homemade colon cleansing recipe?

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