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Does anyone know the best most effective colon cleanse?

1310231059 49 Does anyone know the best most effective colon cleanse?

I've been hearing all the good things colon cleanse can do for you body ( getting rid of all the toxins and stuff). I was just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for the right colon cleanse to use. Maybe from personal experience or you might know of someone who has use it. Any suggestions would be great. thanks in advance.

I have one that I use about every 4 months or so. I don't know why but I can really start to feel that my body has slowed a noticeable amount at that point. It's simply called Herbal Cleanse and it's all natural and stimulant free. Those were the 2 big things that I was looking for because I am a personal trainer and I can't run the risk of having an emergency while I'm with a client. It was pretty easy to do just a couple of pills and a couple of drinks. I hope all works out for you..

You can find the product I'm talking about here:


Hey Amanda,

I've heard all the good things too about what a colon cleanse can do for your body and health (and all the nasty stuff that could be inside us). I did a cleanse once that was part of the Lemonade Diet. you can look that up on the internet. I did it because my ex- was going to do it. It's actually 2 week fast where all you do is drink water with lemon juice and a little Cayenne pepper in it. It was surprisingly easy. with that you do a flush of warm salt water (yuck) every morning. that was the hard part. But it worked and I was amazed at how little hunger I had and I felt cleaned out.

But I didn't want to go through that whole thing again so I just ordered a free trial of a colon cleanse I found online. This one sounds less harsh than the ol' salt water flush.

Good Luck To you,
Kenny B

ps – If you wanna check this one out, go to:

I found a great one on the below website. I used it the other day for the first time and I feel like a million bucks!

I am very satisfied with using NewColonSweep. Aside from the fact that it is made of natural ingredients, this natural colon cleanse product effectively ease my problem with constipation. I found it gentler form of colon cleansing, it can be used every day, if need be, or at least be put on a schedule without worrying about overdoing it.

Does anyone know the best most effective colon cleanse?

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