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Does getting a colon cleanse help you lose weight and is it healthy?

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I heard from a friend that a friend of her's cleaned out her colon and she lost a lot of weight. Is it possible to lose weight from cleaning your colon and then start exercising and eating healthy from there on? Is it safe? What are the side effects and does the process hurt? Also would a "colonic" be the same thing or it's something different?

Regarding whether a "colonic" is the same as a colon cleanse using pills, it isn't. Colon cleansers in pill or drink form are taken orally and have a laxative effect. The term "colonic" is used to describe the process of colon hydrotherapy, which is essentially an ultra-enema. if you don't know what an enema is, it involves a tube being inserted into your rectum which allows water to be fed into your colon. once you are full, you go to the toilet to defecate. Unlike oral cleansers, enemas only involve anal activity. Multiply an enema by ten and you'll get a colonic, which uses more water, a fatter rectal tube, a machine instead of a rubber bag, and allows you to defecate right into the tube as you lay on a table. It's done in the presence of a colon hydrotherapist, who inserts the tube and guides you through the process of filling and releasing.

The colon cleanse is high in fiber, so be careful… women tend to have horrible, horrible pain when doing this. you should check with your doctor first. and, no it's not a weight loss, it's a colon cleanse and strips your bowels of water.

I would recommend against this. just eat really healthy and exercise and you ''ll be fine.

It all depends on what cleanse you do, there are so many out there. Extreme ones like the master cleanse where you don't eat and strictly drink liquids for 2 weeks are horrible for you. They may clean out your system, but it also sends your body into starvation mode, so when you eat after your cleanse your body stores all the fat it can for as long as possible just incase you starve yourself again, making it even harder to lose weight. so stay away from those.

Other cleanses you can buy kits for, and they allow you to eat. These are safe and healthy for your body, however no matter which you choose, it won't be a pleasant experience. you can get cold symptoms like a soar throat and runny noses, as well as flu symptoms like a fever. you will also be spending a lengthy amount of time in the bathroom, if you hadn't grasped that from the term "COLON" cleanse. you suffer from cravings because you can only eat certain foods, and many people can't really stick to them.

I recommend that if you are doing a cleanse and have work or school, plan it so that day 3 and 4 are on your weekend, as those are usually the worst days where you spend a fair amount of time in the washroom.

Remember there's no harm in trying one out, experience it for yourself and make your own decision about cleanses. here are some more that people do:

Raw Food Cleanse: only eat raw fruits and veggies, only drink water or caffiene free tea for 5-10 days.

Watermelon Cleanse: only eat watermelon and drink water or caffiene free tea for 4-7 days.

Does getting a colon cleanse help you lose weight and is it healthy?

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