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Dual Action Cleanse Scam?

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i wanted to try dual action cleanse only to see that there were tons of people with bad side effects. i want to know of a colon cleansing pill that has been evaluated by the fda to make me feel better

As far as FDA approved, I don't think the there are any colon cleansers like that.

There are a few though that are made from all-natural herbs, so they shouldn't be any more dangerous than something you'd eat on a regular basis.

You will likely experience some stomach discomfort at first no matter what cleanser you go with, that's just the way they work.

Here's a site with a review of dual action cleanse and one other cleanser, the ultimate cleanse. there is some ingredient in dual action cleanse that lets you only take it for 30 days at a time with a 30 day break in-between. The ultimate cleanse doesn't have that.…

Go into the "laxative" section of your local pharmacy and there you will find the closest thing to an fda approved "colon cleanse".

Dual Action Cleanse Scam?

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