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Have You Done A Colon Cleanse?

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Hey All-

I am trying to get healthy…I have started working out, eating healthier (more organic). I am trying to lose weight too (5-10lbs) ..I have allergies so I am going to do a colon cleanse. After the colon cleanse I am going to start on milk Kefir to fill my tummy back up with "good" bacteria….

Quick question about the colon cleanse though, besides purifying your body. I know that you can lose weight. Does this weight come off so that you can feel a difference in your clothes (clothes feeling a little more loose) or only though the scales and I will feel it no where else? What have been your experiences? (I am going to do the 5 day fast colon cleanse through "Blessed Herbs")


no i dont like to have diarrhea

Have You Done A Colon Cleanse?

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