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Homeopathic Colon Cleanse Home Remedy?

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Im looking for a way to colon cleanse without paying for an expensive program with tons of pills. Im sure there has to be a homeopathic approach. using items you usually keep around the house or can purchase at Walmart or a grocer. please help if you know or direct me to a free website. Thank you so much, Chaz C

White Castle Hamburgers.

Aside from running your butt thru the local car wash you should give prunes a try. Eat enough of those little fellas and anything in your colon will be evacuated in no time. But your brown eye will burn from the toilet workout you will get

Hot soapy water. Direct. Retain awhile..Whoosh. All clear.


P.S: Avoid dog soap, else dog will be in trouble.

Homeopathy treats the Patient not the disease .For a Homeopathic Solution state exactly what and how you feel in your own words. The more clearly you can explain your health the better. give your complete details for an appropriate and correct answer.
Take care and God Bless !

Write down on a piece of paper symptoms that you would like to tackle. Homeopathy works by symptoms.

Then you may want to check out

they also have a free print catalog, so you can mail order. It's
inexpensive too. Try taking all of the cell salts if you want to put
yourself back in balance (like a detox would) and your not sure
on which remedy/s to choose.

you can buy the cell salts individual (there are 12) or just buy
the pack of all of them. It's $8 per bottle, or $49 for the whole
thing. which by the way will last you for-EV-er, so you can do
a tune up on yourself lots of times for the price of one colon-
cleanse and without the poops to boot. Hope this helps.

Homeopathic Colon Cleanse Home Remedy?

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