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How Do I Colon Cleanse?

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As the question says, I want to know how to colon cleanse. I know th eimportance of it, which is high, but I dont know of any home remedies. I think that the best cures are home remedies. I have some picts below to help you understand why I ask…………

The second one seems the worst.

Please note that I am currently 15, so I shouldnt need anything super powered. But I would like a decent strength one.

Also, if you provide me with one, how often should I do it? LIke a few times a year? Maybe once every other month? Monthly?

Act like I know nothing about this. And I really dont want to buy some 80 dollar a month pill that uses herbs that I could just go find and buy.

All help is appreciated!


you do NOT need a colon cleanse. not unless you are a 40 year old who has spend his whole life eating nothing but burgers and chips.

you will get much more benefits from proper eating then from a colon cleanse.

those websites are all trying to sell you something, of course they are going to go for the shock value.

make sure to eat a lot of fiber and whole foods, that is the best way to clean out your intestines.

Hey Nick,

You are so right on. I've done lots of colon cleanses and got tired of paying over and over for something I could make on my own. I learned how to make my own safe and effective colon cleanses using herbs as well as simple cleansing recipes that involve ingredients you could get at any grocery store for under 10 buck.

I put all the relevant information on my website. you can check it out at: There is also info there for cleansing gently using diet only, which is a great choice for you given your age. good luck and if there is anything I can help you with just send me an e-mail to the address on my homepage.

How Do I Colon Cleanse?

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