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How to Become a Reiki Master

To practice Reiki you should be subjected to various periods of preparation. Thus, the individual is ready to receive and understand the secrets of working with Ki, the divine force that governs life. Usui Reiki master was the first, and has set a healing technique of Reiki where he was  able to heal others and at the same time, to pass on their knowledge of Reiki to his disciples. Similarly, power passed to his students at a time. However, Dr. Hayashi has understood that all persons who want to learn the principles of Reiki are ready to receive all initiations at a time, as they are not able to adapt to the power flowing through them. That’s why he broke the clearance procedure in three main levels. At the end of each level of the student will receive a new melody or qualification, all culminating in the receipt of the Reiki initiation. 

Level One – focuses on preparing the body to receive energy. During the initial preparations of the students are taught how to attract energy, get inside their bodies and to work with her for their own cleaning. The basics of channel energy is also evident in the sessions of the first degree. At the end of the period of preparation, the student will receive the setting that allows them to use Reiki for their own benefit. Since then students have to do regular sessions to purify and balance the energy level of their body.

Level two – which focuses on the other, as students will be coached on how they can use energy to heal others. Sacred symbols are taught today, focusing now more on the spiritual part of the student and not on their physical (which was the subject of a level). At the end of this level, which lasts four times longer than the first, the student must be able to identify that part of the body that need treatment, be able to provide care for others and be able to start practice sessions and remote processing. 

Three levels – this is the last line. Students who choose to undergo this level of learning are taught to pass on their knowledge and power of other people who want to learn more about Reiki. At the end of the course to become a Reiki master and have the highest rank in the hierarchy of Reiki, but also more responsible in charge of their lives, and others. 

Reiki initiations are valid for life, even if you do not use it for a long time and still have them to activate their power when needed.

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