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I was wondering what is the best colon cleanse?

1309957441 48 I was wondering what is the best colon cleanse?

Lately, I have been feeling tired, lazy, bloated, etc. Someone told me to try a colon cleanse, but with all the products on the market, where do I start. Any advice

Colon cleansing is a scam. there is no medical basis for it. you might as wear crystals or sleep under a pyramid.

Try eating healthier with more fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables), less junk food, and no caffeine, and exercise every day. you will feel much better.

Eat Raisin Bran for a week and cut out breads and beer. Also cut back on sugars. Try taking some B vitamin complex for energy,

eating junk does bloat us, esp colas. it is important to have a regular bowel movement, but, colon cleansing is xpensive and overrated!
check out cinnamon. it comes in a capsule and has hundreds of benefits. look it up; google it. you'll be glad you did.
good luck and take care.

I would go for the Colonix colon cleanse program at

Their colon cleansing product literally gave me a new lease on life…

This three part colon cleanse will also help get rid of parasites and worms. If you are wondering if the human species really harbors worms then view this shocking video…

Once the colon is cleansed of the old fecal waste, nutrition is better absorbed and healthier blood is created which better nourishes the entire body. More energy is a result of this healthier body.

Your research in the intestinal area will serve you well. you really can't go wrong with the Colonix program. It has been on the market for over 10 years and has improved the health of thousands and thousands of people. I really think it is the best colon cleansing program on the market.

Vital Force

Fruits and vegetables are the most natural elements that can help you clean your colons. Extracting their juices can give your body the needed nutrients and they can help improve your digesting process. Food will be digested easily before it becomes toxic waste. Fruits and vegetables also have fiber that aids in getting rid of stored wastes in your digestive tracts. The nutrients that you get from them also help the other organs in the body function well.

The Dual-Action Cleanse is what my doctor suggested to me and it works great. I feel better then ever since I have been using it. I have alot of gastrointestinal problems and that is why he mentioned me trying it.…

Nature Cleanse is a very good product, and well known. It acts naturally with your bodies detox system so it wont disrupt your day at all. you can read more about it here

hope this was helpful.

The link has a review of ten products. The second is advice from the Mayo Clinic about colon cleansing. good Luck. : )

The best colon cleanser is one that naturally and safely cleanses your body of all those toxins that cause you to feel sluggish.

Look for one that has ingredients like Bentonite Clay, senna, or natural extracts because these are ingredients people have been using for years – they always show great results! Herbal colon cleansing remedies is in most people's opinion the easiest way to go. Some colon cleansers can be very harsh and have you feeling worse than before!

I figured all this out when I was looking for an energy boost too… this website really helped me out:

I was wondering what is the best colon cleanse?

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