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I'm looking for an all natural colon cleanse.?

1307840677 96 I'm looking for an all natural colon cleanse.?

Im really into taking care of my body, Im looking for an all natural way to cleanse my colon and detox the body.. Any suggestions?

Mr Ramdev has a very good yoga exercises for it. during yoga excercise U start going to toilet umpteen times. At last u can see pure water coming out of ur rectum.
I forgot the name of it. Pl. ask him on his website abt "colon-cleaning-yoga" . His link u can search on my website . Look for "Geeta" or "yoga" link on right side or at bottom.
http://bharti .co .cc or http:// RelianceMoney. co .cc

Prunes, figs, an apple a day keeps the toxins away, water but you probably already know these so I look forward to seeing what else people say.

try the master cleanser diet. you can find information about it anywhere online. i know several people who say it's worked wonders for them.

What toxins do you need to get rid of?

How do you know you have them?

How will you know when they are gone?

Try going to…. that is what I use and they are great products.. all natural , and organic… And very effective.. good health to you : )

I'm looking for an all natural colon cleanse.?

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