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Is there a natural way to colon cleanse?

 Is there a natural way to colon cleanse?

Spicy and high fiber foods can get things moving. I happen to like prunes. some stores sell hot pepper supplements but those give me stomach cramps. if you want to approach it from the other end, warm water works fine. Keep that kind of cleansing to a minimum as it disrupts intestinal function. Whatever you decide, eating lots of fiber each day will keep your intestines healthy and happy.

Why would you want to? Don't tell me you actually believe that crap about colon toxins and such? you really need to find something else to do with your time, sonny. you also need lots more fiber in your diet.


I've herd some people in other counties swallow a white rag and don't stop until it comes out completely white..

the same color as it was when it went in…

Idk if that would work but you might give it a try…

each some rotten food and it will all come spilling out

Is there a natural way to colon cleanse?

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