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Master Cleanse Recipes for Detox Diet

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Here is a pretty good detox diet that I found while scouring the internet for more colon cleanse information.  it is just one example of a detox diet, there are many of them and a dozen different ways to do it.  I thought you would enjoy it.

Recipes for detox diet plans are in great demand as the process of detoxification seems to have become very popular. Detox diet plans vary immensely. Detox diet plans such as the Master Cleanse entail replacing all solid foods with a lemon and maple syrup drink so in effect you are fasting. other detox plans allow you to eat healthy foods and request that all drinks are replaced with fruit juices and water.

Many who wish to try out a detoxification plan rush straight in to the deep end and try a strict 10 day fasting plan which they fail normally within 48 hours.  it is common sense to train your body to detox by starting with an easy detox plan and perhaps moving on to tougher plans as you become accustomed to the detox process.

For those you wish to try a detox plan I would suggest you start with a 24 hour plan than you can complete during a weekend whilst you don’t have the pressure of work. For those who are completely new to the world of detoxification I would suggest starting with the following detox diet.

24 Hour Detox Diet Plan


1 Glass of hot water with a slice of organic lemon

Carton of organic low fat yoghurt with a large spoon of chopped hazelnuts

1 Glass of natural orange juice


Eat either oranges or grapefruit or pineapples or plums but DO NOT mix the fruits. there is no restriction on how much you can eat so eat until you feel satisfied.

Water or any natural fruit juice.


Drink 1 full glass of hot  water before dinner

Eat only apples, pears, grapes or bananas and again eat until your hunger  is satisfied.

Drink any pure fruit juice.


A small bunch of black grapes.

You can have as many natural fruit juices as you like throughout the 24 hours.

If you find the above detox plan not to demanding that you can extend the plan for an extra 24 hours.

By far the best Master Cleanse program is the Master Cleanse Secrets. This allows you to consume safe foods so unlike other plans you are not actually fasting. The Master Cleanse Secrets takes you through the whole process from preparation to aftercare and changing your requirements for life. Click to read the full Master Cleanse Secrets Review.

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This is a pretty good detox diet, there are many ways to go under a detox diet.  please share some of your detox diet recipes in the comment box below so others might also benefit from your knowledge.

Master Cleanse Recipes for Detox Diet

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