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MS and Colon Cleanse?

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I am currently suffering from MS and taking Avonex IM injections once a week. I would like to do a cleanse but I am concerned about the interactions with the meds I am on . The cleanse I chose is all natural and herbal, but I am still nervous. Does anyone know anything about this subject??

Herbal detox cleanse programs don't work if you like all of us have a dirty full sewer pipe. You want to cleanse your colon to improve your health then consider colonic lavage therapy in a series of treatments.

Best system to look around for is an open system where water is slowly gravity fed into your rectum. this stimulates bowel muscle and poo is eliminated along with toxins.

Colonics work.

The best thing is probably to ask your neurologist. Mine have always been very helpful letting me know what is harmless and what to avoid, even if they did not believe in the effectiveness of a certain treatment.

Yeah your digestive system cleanses itself so much so that John Wayne died from 40 pounds of undigested waste build up.
I don't know that it would interfere but ask your doctor and if he says it is okay then take them hours apart from when you take your meds.

The chances of a interaction are unlikely. That being said, you should only take advice from a doctor on this issue. In fact, it is illegal for anyone else to give you this kind of advice.

If you do buy a colon cleanse, I would research the brand carefully. does not sell these products buy does review them. You can see their current reviews here:…

Colon "cleansing" is useless nonsense. your colon cleans itself continuously and it does not need the help of some strong herbal laxative. there are NO benefits to "cleansing" or colonics. Save your money and avoid this nonsense.

Edit: "John Wayne died from 40 pounds of build up" HA HA HA HA!! Urban MYTH! Not true at all. NOBODY has "40 pounds of build up". NOBODY.

MS and Colon Cleanse?

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