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Need advise on an effective colon cleanse thats safe and cheap?

1311743180 34 Need advise on an effective colon cleanse thats safe and cheap?

Im constantly bloated latley, stressed out, not going everyday. I think I need a good colon cleanse, and something to remove the waste weight.

Any sugguestions on products or foods.. I am on a tight budget.


Cascara Sagrada 5-7 $ at a health food storeOR psyllium hulls. same price.

Well I see that everyone has an opinion… and opinions are like azzholes everyone has one. all of the other products recommended ….. LOL…..are a crock of crap. They put an expensive price tag on something that may or may not work and 4 95$ BULL…… they are spaming to put their own products on your answer. Seriously all you need is one of these two products… just make sure they are not synthetic no matter where you buy them ( which all of walmarts products are) .

Psyllum hulls are natural along with the cascara sagrada. They will clean you out and give you a good poop with no side effects. You shoudlnt want to be on a product for a long time because then your colon becomes dependant on it to go to the bathroom.

Eat veggies and fruits of course… but if your clogged up already you may just get a fermented mess and lots of gas.

Buy Detox7
Internal Body Cleanse—I had seen it at Wal-Mart
but had always thought it was for those druggies who
had to pass a urine test for job interview….Turns out when
I read it—-it is for revitalizing the body.
It's a 7 day/night 2 step program all in one little box.
So easy. and so invigorating after the 1st 2 days—but
complete the system for optimum health. I use it every 3-6 months now.
It costs about $6.oo which is pretty cheap for such good
results. Even your skin feels better. =)
Give it a try.
If this helps / the box info says it is by:
NNP Northwest Natural Products
Vancouver, WA 98661 Made in the USA

I heard something about EverCleanse on the radio yesterday, and have been looking into it myself.

ooo i want something too. i was looking at the gnc website! they have several choices!

Need advise on an effective colon cleanse thats safe and cheap?

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