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Parasite and parasite cleansing?

 Parasite and parasite cleansing?

k seriously all this parasite crap is making me paranoid as hell.

I never feel energetic… I feel lifeless all the time.

Now i looked at some common symptoms and i had none of it. But with all these websites saying over 90% of adults have parasites living inside them and stuff.

is it true? where can i find the TRUTH about parasites? Because i eat healthy and workout regularly and fairly a healthy guy. (though i dont FEEL energetic).

Also what's this deal about colon cleansing? I heard people have like 20lb of sticky **** stuck inside their colon and that ppl need cleansing to be healthy and stuff.

follow your doctors advise. You'd go nutso listening to your friends. there are symptoms to follow for parasites, you'd be itching in the rectum area, especially at night when they come out to lay eggs, they show up in your poop.
I wouldn't be to quick about colon cleansing, you need the good bacteria there, without it the bad bacteria would run rampant and you'd be ill. Leave well enough alone.

Parasite and parasite cleansing?

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