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Professional Colon Cleanse Benefits?

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I was just wondering what kind of benefits will a colon cleanse do for me. I have read and heard that depending on how much waste left in your intestines, you can loose weight and can cause you to be more energetic. Now will getting this done also help if starting a diet? You know start fresh.

Will your body be getting more of the nutrients in foods after this is done? And lastly how much does this process cost, ball park estimate?


This latest trend of colon cleansing is just a passing phase. Its all the rage in the states right now. A few years from now, all the "experts" will be squawking about how bad it is for you and they will be onto something new.
It really isn't going to make you absorb nutrients any better and you run the risk of washing out much of your natural flora by doing this. your intestines work on having certain bacteria in them.
Professionally, in my area, to have it done runs right at $200.

It really is a complete scam. Removing waste from an area that removes waste automatically is just pointless.

The practise is linked to a time when people with bad diets got a lot of constipation, so quacks invented fantasy stories about mythical benefits of it. With the dawn of the internet, the access to a gullible population increased exponentially, hence why its re-surged.

Don't get sucked in by it.

I am young and I have never had my colon cleanse but they say it is healthy to have it done when you get around your thirties to help prevent prostate and colon cancer. I say get it done with a product that gives at least a free trial offer. Its just like sleeping or goin to the dentist for a cleaning just a fresh start i mean you will always have bacteria or dirt in your colon a good flushing wont hurt trust me this link below gives a free trial offer

OK here is the low down. You should clean your colon. your colon is the key to your health and the older population of Americans can agree to that. From my family history experience using enemas and other minerals like castor oil it helps in cleaning the colon, and the people who uses them live well into their 70s, 80s or even longer. most older Americans who are into their 70s or beyond use some type of something to help aid in the cleaning of their colon. People in other countries take enemas or eat food that clean their colon and in our good old USA the doctors have left that out. they know that if you clean your colon you will not visit the doctor as often as they would like. When was the last time the doctor told someone they need to clean their colon or take vitamins or have worms, Its about money in this country and that's the bottom line. your colon is like a sponge pipe. if you have not cleaned your colon this year its full of putrid (decaying, rotting) matter with a 2nd layer of mucus. your colon usually absorbs vitamins and minerals in a clean colon however this toxic stuff in your colon is being absorbs instead and only about 5% or less of the vitamins and minerals are being absorbed. thus the reason why your body goes haywire like your kidneys, lungs, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart, headaches, feeling tired, weight gain, etc.
The cost: maybe $10 in natural herbs if you google for a good homemade recipes for a colon cleanse. or you can buy it all ready prepared by a company. Can be costly. I used Colonix and it was very good. Cost for Colonix 3 month system: about $177. Work just as good as the homemade without the hassle of mixing the herbs. I recommend either one.

Professional Colon Cleanse Benefits?

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