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The indication that menopause is setting varies from woman to woman; while some may experience one or two symptoms, others may be unfortunate enough to exhibit almost all these symptoms of menopause at once. However, regardless of which symptoms you exhibit or how many, the fact is that you can be in total control when menopause creeps in. Menopause is a natural phenomenon that is usually a result of aging and involves the slowing down and eventual halt of a woman’s reproductive system…… the process is characterized by a variety of symptoms such as hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia and loss of sex drive. While most symptoms of menopause are a puzzle because their causes remain shrouded in mystery, they can be controlled and even eliminated by the use of various treatments available. Ask your doctor to give you recommendations on the best treatment medications for menopause. Menopause can result in two ways. The natural way and the medial way Medically, due to certain complications or simply due to the wishes of the woman involved, the ovaries are surgically removed. Naturally, age halts the production of the ovaries, both processes lead to a halt in estrogen production which brings about the symptoms of menopause. It is vital for women to understand the essence of menopause because it is not an occurrence that is temporary in the natural but permanent. Therefore handling it is more successfully.

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