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The Great American oh God, I need another: Delia’s : DISTRICT

The great American oh God, I need another: Delia’s 1306242594 58 The Great American oh God, I need another: Delia’s : DISTRICTThe Double D Delight Slider from Delia’s in Atlanta.Photo by Kenneth RosenBy Kenneth RosenEven if you drive slowly enough down Moreland Avenue, off of Interstate 20 in Atlanta, you would still be hard-pressed to find one of Atlanta’s newest and widely craved midnight eateries: Delia’s.

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand is a shed—a shack—wedged between a dance studio and a Sprint PCS store. a few parking spaces surround the lot; one-third occupied by the Delia’s building. Outside sat several picnic table/umbrella combinations.

Hesitant at first for fear of grease and a possible late night colon cleansing, I stepped into the brightly lit interior of Delia’s. Their menu is clearly displayed above the counter, similar to most fast food/mom and pop establishments. Unsure of what to pick, I riffled through the headers on their take-out menu: Slingers (hand-crafted jumbo link sausage on a hoagie roll), Breakfast Anytime, Sliders, Sides and Drinks.

Reasonably priced and with a plethora of palate pleasing options, Delia’s has something for everyone. nothing on the menu exceeds $6.99 and the portions are generous.

The friendly staff hollered as I wavered between the few choices I had narrowed down until I settled on dessert, a “Double D Delight Slider.” at $2.95 for one and two for $4.99, I should have got a dozen.

Wedged between two grilled halves of a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut sat a chicken sausage patty topped with sour cherry cream cheese. before opening the to-go box that the slider came in, I knew it was going to taste better than my watering mouth could imagine. and it was.

How did those three ingredients—chicken sausage, doughnut, and cream cheese—culminate to form such a taste bud tasing and head spinning delicious dessert? I care not to know. within seconds of my first bite into the caramelized outer layer, I knew dragging me back to Savannah, away from my newfound appreciation for one of Atlanta’s premier food shacks, would be a chore.

But the best part, you ask? all their chicken is sourced from Georgia, and most other creations, like their sour cherry cream cheese, is made in house. SCAD Atlanta students are lucky to find themselves this close to a little slice of heaven, for Savannah students, though, the four hour drive is well worth it.

For a stand that has been open for only six weeks, they are well on their way to stardom in the world of unconventional fast food.

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand489 Moreland Ave.Atlanta, Ga. 30316(404) 474-9651

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