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Three place in Onslow’s Biggest Loser contest

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Three people have earned the distinction as Onslow County’s Biggest Losers.

The six-week contest, held at Gold’s Gym on Henderson Drive and sponsored by WRNS radio station and National Dodge, concluded Wednesday and a celebration and presentation of awards to the winners was held Thursday night at the gym.

Taking the top prize is William Parker of Jacksonville who lost 43 pounds.

Parker said his sister, who is struggling with cardiac fibrosis — an abnormal thickening of the heart — was his main motivator.

“She has to lose 60 more pounds to have a (heart) transplant so I did it to motivate her,” he said. “She lost 15 pounds in the last three weeks she dieted with me. I visit her every day and keep telling her if I can do it she can do it too; I’m really trying to support her.”

In addition to lots of exercise he cut out all white foods in his diet and limited himself to 500 calories a day. and he started and ended the challenge with a two-week colon cleansing.

“I was shooting for 45 to 50 pounds, but I’m very happy,” he said. “I’m going to try and lose 10 more pounds and keep it that way. now I have arranged my schedule to the point where I can fit in time at the gym.”

Parker received $3,500 and a two-night vacation for four in Queens, N.Y.

 The challenge gave Jenna Morton of Surf City the momentum she needed to kick start what she hopes will be a lifestyle change. She earned second place in the competition by losing 27.4 pounds.

“I modified my eating dramatically and I was in this gym five days a week — I sweated it off,” she said, laughing. “I have been training for a while, but I wanted to see larger results, so I entered the contest. The money was good incentive too.”

Now her diet consists of vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.

“I have 5 to 6 small balanced meals a day and I am feeling amazing, absolutely amazing,” she said. “and I am really enjoying food in its purest form and it’s actually better.”

She said she will use her $1,500 in winnings to offset her personal trainer fees each month.

Earning third place, Mondo Belmonte of Jacksonville lost 20 pounds during the competition.

“My wife is a Marine and is deployed right now and I wanted to lose 40 pounds before she gets back … so I’m already halfway to that goal,” he said.

He attributes Rex Ferdinand, a Marine, with helping him work out at the gym and give him some sound advice about getting fit.

“I actually ate a lot more; I just ate a lot better — healthier. (Ferdinand) suggested I make my own trail mix and protein shakes, and I chose things I like to eat, like bananas and eggs for breakfast,” he said.

The one vice he sacrificed for the greater good was Mountain Dew.

“I haven’t had a Mountain Dew in two months and it’s killing me,” he said.

As the third place winner Belmonte won a three-night trip to Washington D.C.

Seventy people entered the contest, said Danny Miller, the owner of Gold’s Gym.

“I hope all 70 benefited in one way or another,” he said. “I believe all three winners wanted to change their lives. That’s why we do the contest and why we are here. our goal is to be the pied piper of better lifestyles.”

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