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TMI Could this be human parasites?

1303902562 16 TMI Could this be human parasites?

Hello everyone. I wrote the other day to ask a question about having constant diarrhea. well for the past two days I have been taking this stuff called 'super colon cleanse' from Health Plus inc. I had started taking "dual action cleanse" but read so much negative stuff, so i left it alone.

I am still getting the diarrhea and i am still releasing what looks like almond slivers…except these are about as thick as an almond and the same color. oh and instead of being oval shaped slivers, they are rectangular with jagged edges (like they are broken pieces of segments) and they look like sponge material. I mean, what ever this is actually has the texture of a sponge. Sometimes the outside of it looks like potato skin (with brown skin).Sometimes the pieces in the toilet are very small other times the are about an inch long and as thick as a whole almond instead of a sliver.

What is that? Is that a worm or part of my intenstinal tract.

You need to see your doctor and ask him to send you to a GI specialist.
Before you go to the doctor, you should write a description of your symptoms etc. and give him a list of what you have been eating for as far back as you can remember to the present.

It might be. maybe you should see a doctor.

It could be some type of worm but what ever it is you need to go to a Gastrointoligist. the next time you defecate get a glass jar that will seal well and put a stool in there along with what looks like the worm.
This is the only way they can determine what it actually is.
If it is a worm they can give meds to kill them.
Hope you solve your problem!

I had no idea people examined there poo in this manner. Holy crap…no pun intended.
Stop the colon cleanse for heavens sake. its time to see a real doctor, I only play one on TV.

TMI Could this be human parasites?

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