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What is the best COLON CLEANSE I can do at home?

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No, this is not to lose weight, so please skip any advice on weight loss.

The stuff they make you drink to clean you out before a colonoscopy is the BEST. Fleet Phospho-Soda. you can buy it at drugstores (no scrip necessary) Hang on to the toilet!

mcdonalds will give you severe colon blow

Magnesium Citrate! had to do it before surgery and it cleans you out!!!! I bought it at Walmart. It's in a green glass bottle and it was less than 2 bucks.

An enema, beans, white castle hamburgers and plenty of water. LOL

just dint eat cakes chocolates and **** something like this.
And u will live long ,healthy life .

The best Colon Cleansing that you can do at home is to drink Prunes because it is essential in cleansing your colon with no worries.

Fleet enema's are the most readily available.

I have used the colon cleanse found at and was very happy with the results! Nothing really happend during the first 4 or 5 days and I was kind of disappointed and ready to quit – but then WOW! I increased the tablets that come with the kit from 2 to 3 – twice per day and boy did I ever notice a difference! I didn't find any scary parasites (although I really didn't look that hard – yuk!) Also, it didn't make me feel like I had to run to the potty or even stay close to one – which I was worried about. And no cramping either. it just made me go more in volume when I had to go – also I use to go only once or twice per week and now I go at least once or twice per day. anyway, if you're looking for a good colon cleanse I recommend the one I used at – it's also a great informational site on colon cleansing.

Prune juice, watermelon, yougurt, any natural drug that you can find in cvs, mango, worm water, ( enough warm that you can drink , don't burn your self!) drink after and before you eat.

have week old curry , wash it down with some guinness and tepid oysters… you'll crap your colon out..

or drink some spinach juice

What is the best COLON CLEANSE I can do at home?

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