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What is the best way to do a colon cleanse?

 What is the best way to do a colon cleanse?

Im real bloated and havent been eating anything more then usual, and keeping it very low carb/calorie. Ive even lost a couple of pounds but look like Ive gained 10 and all in my abdoman.

Your problem is constipation because of which you are not able to eat as usual and feel heavy abdoman. There are many laxatives but I advise you not to take them. you have to cure constipation in the natural way.

Please drink lot of water or other fluid. Have god amount of fresh vegetables and fruits preferably which contains fibre. your problem will be solved soon.

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If you're looking to just empty your colon, just do a "bowel prep" similar to what they have you do for a colonoscopy. Drink only CLEAR liquids for 2 days(this includes beef/chicken broth, juices, jello, teas, etc…) and then you can purchase MAGNESIUM CITRATE at your local pharmacy and take according to directions on bottle. it produces cleansing bowel movements until your colon is clean/empty.
I work for a general surgeon and that's the protocol for our patients who need to have an empty colon before we do any sort of colon or small bowel surgery.
HOWEVER, should the bloating and abdominal distention continue, I would seek a medical opinion. Perhaps there is an underlying problem.

1 tsp. twice a day.
It will move EVERYTHING out.

Go to this website. They have the perfect products to cleanse you. They have helped me a great deal. Good luck

eat fruit for 2 days and plenty of water, in russia in hospitals they give patients grapes for 2 days this helps the body detox,also take fiber before bedtime, flax seed is very good

If you are on a low-carb diet you are most likely constipated, and dehydrated, which are common side effects of this kind of diet. and can make you feel bloated.

You're best bet is to increase your dietary fiber intake by eating whole grains, raw fruits/veggies and a fiber supplement (like Benefiber). you also need to drink a lot of water when on a low carb diet, as your kidney and bowel functions are affected by lack of fiber and water.

Geez are you preganant ??
If you want a colon cleanse eat FLAX that stuff works great !!

Healthfood stores have programs that have that kind of effect.
Or just eat stuff containing lots of bran.

What is the best way to do a colon cleanse?

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