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Which is the best colon cleanse product?

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Oxy-Powder, Bowtrol, Dual Action Cleanse, Colonix, Enuvia, Blessed Herbs. so many to choose from, how do I know which one actually works???

I really like the Life Force colon cleanse as found at
I've personally used it myself and so I can truly recommend it – highly! the reason I like it is because it is all-natural (no synthetics) and is a complete 30-day, 3-formula program. It doesn't do a half-baked cleanse like many that are available that last only 2 weeks and contain laxative-type ingredients. It completely cleanses, scrapes, breaks-down and removes all of that built-up waste material and sludge trapped in your intestines and causing all sorts of horrid symptoms. this colon cleanse program does NOT have a laxative effect so you will NOT be running around in a panic looking for the nearest restroom.
In fact I wrote a blog about it!

None of those highly commercialized ones. see site below with quickest and most effective method and best product.

Go to GNC and ask for colon cleanse. You'll sh*t like an animal, but they work.

Which is the best colon cleanse product?

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