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Will a colon cleanse help me lose a little belly?

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I am eating right and exercising but I barely go to the bathroom i don't know why but i just don't. will me doing a cleanse help lose the belly in about a week. i do not want to hear how unhealthy it is or how the only way i can lose is exercising i have tried that and it is not the results i want. I will give you a thumbs down so i rather you just not answer. i just need to lose it so i can look nice on vacation that you.

Log on to, they have a variety of products to help you regulate things . I am using the top Fiber to to keep me regular. They also sell a product called "Body Magic". My friends call it the "instant tummy tuck". I lost 15 pound in 4 weeks wearing the garment and drinking the juice they sell called LeVive. its expensive but its worth it! To learn about the Body Magic 2 Step System Log on to but to purchase it you have to log on to the first site I gave you. You will have to measure your thorax to get the perfect sized garment. A tailor or bra shop can measure you if you don't know how to get the measurement. or you can check out the video on the site for how to get the measurement and have a friend help you. When I purchased my garment all my friends and family told me I looked like I lost 20 pounds or had a tummy tuck because it made my stomach look so fat. Just a suggestion, hope it helps. Good luck and have a great vacation.

No, these colon cleasings are all hoaxes. another way to sucker saps out of their money. if you are having digestional issues, try increasing your fiber intake from fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, beans etc. and possibly see a doctor. if its an issue of appearance, your body naturally cleans itself and your intestines don't retain toxins or clutter as the products might lead you to believe (unless there is a serious medical issue). none of those things will change your physical appearance.

All the doctors and nutritionists say targeted weight loss is unlikely, especially in the waist and belly zones, but I managed it with acai berry. I know they say that pills will not work, nevertheless they definitely worked for me, and they have been showcased on the Rachael Ray Show too. There's a free trial happening right now at , try it out, what's the worst that could happen?

ive tried them, i like it and it should help you.. You should go to this website and read, it tells you how to lose weight, the best things to eat for weight loss, best exercises.. and how to build muscle fast and lots of other related topics.. and they arent selling anything so don't worry. it also talks about colon cleansing..

If you are looking for a quick fix, I am sad to say that a permanent one does not exist. As for colon cleanings, I do not see any way how it can help you loose weight and it might even be dangerous.

I wouldn't go through the agony. It's just as bad as prepping for a Colonoscopy. if you want to go to the bathroom and lose belly fat, try HOT Prune Juice, in a Mug, each morning. Works wonders.

Will a colon cleanse help me lose a little belly?

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